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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is a live picture right now of chopper 6 6:00 of what many are calling mlk ride out day. it's a troubling condition but it's continued on this mlk day. as you can see there's bikes, atvs, motorcycles, some of them have gone the wrong way. many of them on i-95 at one point doing dangerous stunts waving to our cameras in the chopper. this is what they're calling an mlk ride out. fort lauderdale rht now. >> soon as we can we'll get you on the ground with some pictures there. we'll hopefully hear from some of these people involved and get their take on this and why they decided to do this on this day and what the message is. for a lot of the riders at that time it was aut getting the word out. they said bikes up, guns down was their message. also, rly just for
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this followed the parade a year ago and a lot of people said we're having fun and they didn't see it as a dangerous commotion problem for traffic that a lot of the public did. they didn't see it the same way. >> the good news, it started about an hour ago, no serious accidents or traffic accidents on. we've been giving you these aerial pictures. let's take you to the ground right now. shepard is in liberty city. willard, what do you have for us from down there? >> reporter: well, jackie, first of all, we're on 119th and in order towest 22nd avenue. we saw a huge amount of these riders come through here during the course of this afternoon to answer some of those questions adams was just talking about last night on this very same
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ran a lot across a lot of these riders and talked to some of them about why they're doing this. what they're saying is in their community, those people who ride these atvsnd these type of hyper formans motorcycles, coming here on mlk is the place to come. it's something they commute kate with on social media. i was amazed as to how organized they actually are in terms of riding riding. there's specific riders that have a specific job and mission and we've seen them today carry this out stopping the traff so if lights turn red and a group of them sti hasn't gone through the lights, they hold the riders off. simply the same thing police officers do and obviously, these people or civilians don't have
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they are telling us they're well organized and we want to show you right now what we've seen take place here through the afternoon in miami-dade county. here's what it looks like. some say this is organized. police cut off streets and had officers stationed at busy intersections. >> one thing they don't understand is they may be able to ride and control their bikes, however, it still creates a danger to the pedestrians and the vehicle. >> this is what it looked like last night when we were told many of these bikers had just
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the rider calling himself jr says miami is the place to be on the mlk holiday. >> so far, we all get together from all different states and ride. >> i asked jr if he thought these rides out in traffic with cars mixed in was a safe thing to do. >> do you think it's dangerous? >> no. taking care of your stuffer and everyone around you. >> reporter: okay. now, throughout the course of this afternoon, these riders again are saying that they believe they know how to do this safety. obviously, the police are very concerned they can be mixed in withth the civilian traffic. we have seen one of the police majors responsible for this area many miami-dade county northwest says the riders know what they're doing but they're a
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type of thing and it puts the police officers in our community in a tough situation because they have strict protocols they have to follow before they can chase or follow anybody in any situation. certainly, when you have a large number of these motorcycle riders or atvs, they're hyper formans vehicles that can go well above 50 miles per hour and police don't want to get in a chase situatiln and hurt civilians not involved in this. so they're trying to manage this. this is really a catch 22 for our law enforcement communities with this. >> and willard, we talked to sergeant just a few moments ago who said they were following protocol from miami as well. i know you spoke to many of these riders. have you talked to any of the drivers out there? what is their impression? are they upset because it's disrupting their lives as well?
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situation. we seen our photographer at the very intersection mind us. that huge group of riders you saw coming through stopping traffic, there was a driver caught in the mid-of that and basically came to a stop while all these other motorcycle riders and atv riders came around that driver and once they departed, that person was able to go on. one other thing i noticed last night in the communication with these atv and motorcycle riders was that they actually have some vehicles, suvs and also, other people in regular cars who are along with them to kind of help them communicate, help them ran ran -- rendezvous as to where they'll be and necessarily like a bicycle race. they have supplies and other things with them. that's something i was frankly
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level of organization they have about this and ways of staying in touch with each other. obviously, we'll follow this through the rest of the afternoon. >> one more thing for you. in a second, as i tell people what you're watching, this is west boulevard, a large group of atv, motorcycle riders gathered at a marathon gas station at northwest 31st aveveue in fort lauderdale. this has gone from miami to brow ard county. i want to understand something. i want to make surur i'm clear. people involved don't think they're causing a danger to the public? >> reporter: well, the rider that i spoke to and the one willing to allow us to actually video tape him, he said to me that when i asked him directly,
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dangerous? he said no, we know what we are doing. we know how to ride these vehicles. we know how to take care of ourselves. i guess what he was referring to is in terms of their communication about their formation when we're together we saw them in traffic today and literally adam, it's just like what the police officers do when we have an official visit. the president arrives and someone else arrived and they are stopping traffic. they have motorcycle riders that go to the front and stop anyone from going through the intersection until the entire group that is part of that formation goes through and then they perceive forward. that' exactly what we see this afternoon. certainly, these people don't have any authority to do that but that's what he's referring to. >> willard, as they're heading east, they say they know wat they're doing but the drooirs do
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sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through the drivers and these drivers can get freaked out about it and things can happen as a result. >> reporter: oh, of course. this is not a good situation. police emphasized that throughout the course of the day. they're very, very worried about this. we have a mixture of traffic and think about the civilians, people walking across the street and pedestrians out here with the vehicles moving at a high rate of speed, these motorcycles and ats. while they may be able to ride their n individual motorcycles and pop wheellies and all those things, they are certainly are endangering the community and drivers, the one we saw was frozen, halted and waited for them to leave and then the driver moved on. >> we appreciate the information. willard reporting live from miami as mlk ride out is in fort lauderdale.
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northwest 27th. >> a programming note because we did have to interrupt ellen degenerous and she was interviewing elton john and he was going to have a performance. there is a link to the interview on ellen's website. you can go to our website to get to her website. meanwhile, we're going to go to tony with more on the mlk ride out. tony, it can be disconcerning to the drivers. willard says they know what they're doing but the drivers do not. >> exactly. you saw a lot of those vehicles were going the wrong way on oncoming lanes. i wanted to set the scene for you. dill lard high school just to the right of your screen as they're headed on northwest 27th avenue. they went toward the lake view palm view area. the reason we're showing this is because if you happen to be in that area or on that road you'll
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may want to avoid them. willard pointed out they have a system of blocking an intersection until it becomes a rallying point. they did that at 32nd and run rooiz and waited for the others to catch up with them. then they take on to the major road and are able to travel together. now, it appears they're back 27th headed east on 16th street because it is as you can see it's a tight area and i'm looking at the map as i'm following them. they could be headed east back towards the 23rd avenue and even towards i-95 again. at least they're in an area now that's not as busy as it was on sunrise and they're not in ononoming lanes right now. they appear to go in the neighborhood approaching the elementary school in that
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>> as we talk to sergeant, police said that the protocol and they're following the same thing as miami is not to chase these drivers because they don't want to put the public safety in jeopardy. >> that is the factor they always use. unless there's a forcible felony going on they're not chasing the motorcycles. a forcible felony could be as simple as running over a polioe officer. he mentioned miami police are ready for this and havee kept a watchful eye on it as it develops. here in brow ard county they knew miami-dade was going to do that.
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to downtown miami and really swarmed that area before heading back north on 95. high rates of speed, a lot of unsafe driving going on and as you can see here, they are start starting to go in the opposite direction again. a guy doing the wheelly crossed the double yellow lines as they head back it appears toward 95. i'm not exactly sure what direction they are going now. >> quick question for you. i know we mentioned what happened a year ago and how this is different than the mlk ride outlast year. if you can recall from your reporting then, i know people watching have questions. who are they? where do they come from? the riders involved are not just local. these are people from all over the country. >> i was oking on social media to see exactly that. it is. they have their own hashtag, go pro links and video from last year and inviting people to come down to miami for a martin
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gathering or last year it was a parade followed by the ride out. >> yeah, they are saying this is the place to be for that. we're going to continue talking. in the meantime, we're keeping a close eye on the situation and we'll keep you informed on air and online about how it's impacting the safety of drivers. you can also watch what's happening streaming live on nbc because of the situation, we had elton john on ellen but you can
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p now, first alert weather with south florida's most accurate forecast. >> happy monday to you. things are looking nice so far. we've been rain free all day. live first alert doppler radar looking good all the way to ami. we'll take a look at what's going on as far as the highs are concerned. a cool start to the day. 66 degrees in miami. in the mid-to upper 60s further inland, definitelyhe coolest temperatures we've seen so far throughout the last few days and we'll take a look at what the temperatures are now. take a look at the headlines. cool and dry weather arrives in south florida. the cool temperatures are going to stick around for quiet a few days. after that, we'll continue to
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temperatures will be closer to average and above average by the end of the upcoming work week. taking a look at clouds right now, we've definitely saw the clouds over south florida for most of the da and because of that together with the north wind temperatures didn warm up anymore than they did. here's the set upright now. us. that's going to continue to push towards the atlantic. we're not expecteding any ryan with the front. what we are expecting is another reinforcing shot of cold air. behind it, high pressure settles in and that's going to lve us a north to northwest wind. cool temperatures not going anywhere. only cooler tonight into tomorrow. so for your forecast for the rest of the evening, temperatures will continue to cool down. back into the upper 50s come late night around midnight. a very cool end to the day under mostly cloudy skies. good thing is we don't have to worry about the rain. as you head out the door
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sweaters. temperatures in the lower 50s under partly cloudy skies. take a look at what we can expect the next few days. temperatures back in the lower 50s. some areas see upper 40s tonight. you want to bundle up as you head out the door tomorrow morning and drop the kids off at the bus stop. next shot of cold air arrives just in time for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you, erika. our coverage continues with the cleaning up after the storm this weekend. our coverage shows the community coming together to pick up after the tornado that tore through the fiesta key area yesterday morning. erika glovr i ithere and joins us live with the update. >> reporter: the clean up here continues wherell day long
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speaking with homeowners. >> hitting the road to make a difference. volunteers begin their day in fee es at that key. whenever they see someone cleaning storm debris, the truck pulls over. monday is all about raking and drilling. grace has called sar society at that home for 32 years and says she'll never forget the sounds of an ef2 tornado tearing through her neighborhood early sunday morning. >> i jumped out of bed and just adds i as i did, t screen came and just like this, the glass right
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>> less than 10 minutes away at philipia park is agencies lending support to anyone impacted in sarota county. step outside and you'll find this food truck. sandwiches, cookies and things to drink to feed those that need it the most. then it's time to pick up a clean up or comomrt kit. the road to recovery is not easy but fofo grace, there's no slowing down. >> my work is not done. >> now, that resource center was open for about three hours but tonight volunteers are out and about asking homeowners how they can help. reporting live, erika glovr, nbc 6 news. >> erika, thank you.
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drivers tonight. you're looking at live pictures of mlk ride out where dozens of atv, dirt bike and bicyclist are out there. they are wreaking halvevoc right now. they went to power line road and taken on the streets today on the streets on this martin luther king day eluding police on these high speeds. >> this group has grown over the last 90 minutes or so.
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now the oakland park. so far, no accidents because of mlk ride out. >> we haven't had any reports of any major accidents at this point and lice are keeping a close eye but they informed us they are not actively chasing these individuals at this point but riders are really reprizing the wheels up guns down event from last year, last mlk day when this originated and they continue the tradition this year. we can say at least several dozen of these riders are out on the streets right now as you can see doing tricks, putting attention on themselves right now. this arted over an hour ago. miami-dade county. they got on the highway headed north bound and finally exited on sunrise boulevard and right now in oakland park. >> yes. that's where we want you to be aware of and that's where we're bringing you live pictures of chopper 6.
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. we're bac following the breaking news effecting drivers
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the atv riders head north on beach. >> this is the second year in a row these dirt bikes, atvs and
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